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Black Spots

Q: Why are black spots appearing on my bibs?
A: Little black spots appear on all types of materials for different reasons

Buy stain-resistant bibs

Toppy-Toddler bibs are stain-resistant. When washed correctly, Toppy-Toddler bibs will look like new for a very long time.

If you search Google, you’ll see people talking about spots appearing on all types of bibs. Some bibs are made from different materials and come from different companies.

In general, black spots appear on baby bibs and baby clothing for various reasons. Spots may appear because the bibs have been exposed to certain foods, liquids and moisture for a very long time before washing.

Black spots on bibs may appear because bibs are repeatedly hung to dry in humid areas and without enough air circulation.

Sometimes people forget their bibs in a diaper bag or hamper and bacteria begins to grow and spots begin to form.

Once spots appear, we recommend throwing bibs away because black spots are mold. To get rid of black spots on bibs, some people have suggested soaking bibs in vinegar, using oxy products, or even bleach, HOWEVER, doing this might cause the laminate on Toppy-Toddler bibs to weaken prematurely. We do not recommend doing any of this. If you use any of these harsh chemicals, it should be as a last resort and knowing you assume all responsibility :)

How to wash Toppy-Toddler bibs

We always recommended machine washing Toppy-Toddler bibs immediately after use, with warm water and tumble drying on low.

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