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Q: Is the price listed for each bib or for the entire bulk?
A: Wholesale price is for each bib

Buy bibs at wholesale prices

4 packs - $20 ($5.00/ea)
12 packs - $52 ($4.33/ea)
In bulk - $3.79 each (unlimited quantity)

Some people think bulk prices for bibs should be lower with the more bibs you buy. Lower prices with the more you purchase is called, “Quantity Pricing” which allows for price discounting on the basis of volume purchased. Since most child care and daycare centers usually purchase between 20 bibs and 100 bibs, we believe having one low price is the best way to go and it’s easier for everyone.

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Do you need more than 100 bibs? Are you a Government Agency?

Sometimes Toppy-Toddler offers special pricing for higher than normal bib quantities or for certain Government agencies. For information, call/text Toppy-Toddler at 305 209 9449 or CONTACT BY EMAIL

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