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Quality / Durability

Q: Are Toppy-Toddler bibs durable and can they be washed daily?
A: Yes! 100%

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Toppy-Toddler bibs are both thin and very, very durable! Toppy-Toddler uses the best fabric. Our fabric is Made in the USA.

Other similar bibs fall apart because some companies use overseas manufacturers for cheap labor and some of those manufactures don’t really care about quality. You get what you pay for.

Hundreds (maybe thousands) of child care centers use Toppy-Toddler bibs. Many child care centers wash our bibs every day. Some daycare centers even wash our bibs twice a day!

Toppy-Toddler bibs last a very long time. With the right care, our bibs can still look like new after many months.

On average, large child care centers replace their Toppy-Toddler bibs every 4 to 6 months. Toppy-Toddler quality bibs last a very long time!

How to Wash Toppy-Toddler Bibs

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