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Invoices are due and payable within 30 days from invoice date unless other arrangements are made in advance. Overdue invoices are subject to an interest rate of 2% per month.


We make every effort to avoid increases, but prices and policies are necessarily subject to change without notice. Contact CUSTOMER CARE if you have any questions.


If this is your first charge order with Toppy Toddler and you are a private day care center or other private organization, please complete the online CREDIT APPLICATION. This is not necessary if you already have a current account with us, or if you are a public school or a U.S. Government agency. Note: To view PDF files you will need Adobe® Reader®.

Commercial institutions and other organizations including public schools, Head Starts, Hospitals and state and local government agencies are eligible for a line of credit. All invoices charged on account are payable net 30 days from the date of invoice.

Note: Processing and authorization takes 2-3 business days. A line of credit will not apply to current orders.

For Questions, Please call: (305) 209-9449 or contact CUSTOMER CARE.


Special pricing is available for eligible GSA Providers. To learn more, please contact CUSTOMER CARE