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Washing / Care Instructions

Q: How do I wash Toppy-Toddler bibs?
A: Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low.

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Toppy-Toddler bibs are very durable. Some child care centers wash our bibs every day.

You can also air dry our bibs. Bibs take about 30 minutes to air dry. The best way to air dry Toppy-Toddler bibs is by using a cloth hanger or drying rack and making sure there is plenty of air circulation. Putting the bibs near a fan is a very good idea.

We highly recommend using a washer and dryer. Heat from dryers helps to kill harmful bacteria and other germs.

Remember, do not iron or dry clean Toppy-Toddler bibs. Be sure not to use bleach, vinegar, nor oxy-type products. These products are harsh and over time can damage the bibs.

Use regular or HE laundry detergent only. Toppy-Toddler bibs can withstand plenty of use and the repeated hot washing necessary.

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