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Q: Are Toppy-Toddler bibs waterproof?
A: Yes, our bibs are waterproof.
A: Water WON’T go through our bibs, HOWEVER, the front of our bib is polyester, so the front of our bibs will look wet, feel wet and actually be wet (see about this more below)

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Toppy-Toddler waterproof bibs are made with two very thin, but very strong layers. The front of the bib is polyester. The back of our bibs is a special type of waterproof laminate. The polyester and waterproof laminate are permanently bonded together through a special non-toxic process.

Our bib fabric is rated safe for food contact and drinking water! That’s right! Toppy-Toddler bibs are so waterproof and safe, our bibs can actually hold water like a cup!

Some waterproof bibs are made so water beads up on the surface. These types of waterproof bibs are good, but putting these other bibs in the dryer will ruin them.

Some customers are very smart. They use our bibs backwards, with the laminate side as the front. Food and water just rolls off the surface and makes cleaning them by hand very fast and very easy.

How much water do Toppy-Toddler bibs absorb?

Many child care centers want Toppy-Toddler bibs because our bibs are strong and durable. You can put Toppy-Toddler waterproof bibs in the dryer and they come out looking like new.

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