What type of material is used for the featured bibs? Our fabric is made of 100% polyester combined with a transparent waterproofing layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate) also known as "TPU" and is SAFE !!! Our fabric: Does not contain lead or heavy metals Does not contain BPA Does not contain phthalates Does not contain PVCs, diisocynates, chlorine, or migratable plasticizers Does not contain latex Our Fabric is vegan (does not contain animal products). Our Fabric is USP class VI, the highest level of safety for skin contact and the safest choice for medical devices. Our Fabric passes flammability testing and is considered Class 1 Normal Flammability. Food Safety Information Our Fabric is laminated with a special type of TPU film that: Is approved for holding potable water May safely be used in contact with wet and dry food Is intended for repeated use in packing, processing, packaging, transporting, or holding food Is recommended for room temperature or refrigerated use (not for heating or cooking of foods). What’s the best way to wash these bibs? Machine wash bibs with warm or hot water and tumble dry on low heat. Very high air heat can cause the waterproofing laminate to wear prematurely, warp or melt. Of course, do not iron and do not dry clean. Be sure not to use bleach, vinegar, nor oxy-type products. These products are harsh and over time can damage your bibs. Please use regular or HE laundry detergent only. These bibs can withstand plenty of use and the repeated hot washing necessary. Are these easy to clean? There are two main ways to clean these bibs. You can machine wash or wash by hand. Check out the complete washing instructions above. How long will these bibs last me? These bibs are made to last for years. Follow the recommended care instructions and you can enjoy these bibs for many years. Can I put it in the dishwasher? We do not recommend washing bibs in the dishwasher. Some detergents used for washing dishes may be too harsh. Can I rinse and hang dry? Yes! You can rinse these bibs with soap and warm water. The best way to hang dry is to put the bibs on a clothing hanger and place it where there will be plenty of air circulation. How long does it take to hang dry? Bibs take about 20 minutes to completely dry when hanging in an area with plenty of air circulation. We recommend tumble drying on low. Can I put these in the washing machine? Yes! Can I put these bibs in the dryer? Yes! We recommend setting the dryer on low heat. Using high air heat may wear the waterproof layer over time. Do the colors bleed in the wash? Nope. Colors stay nice and bright, just the way you like it. Does the fabric shrink? Nope. Will little black dots that look like mold appear after hang drying? Little black dots only appear if bibs are not properly dried. Tumble drying on low heat is recommended. If bibs are being air-dryed, be sure that there's plenty of air circulation for excellent evaporation. If bibs are still damp after 30 minutes of air-drying, machine wash bibs in warm or hot water and tumble dry low. Is the fabric absorbent? The front side is a thin layer of polyester. It will absorb liquid a tiny bit of liquid like drops but not heavy spills. Since the back is 100% waterproof, liquids cannot soak through. These bibs will keep babies comfortable and dry. How long does shipping take? Our delivery, using USPS first-class shipping, typically takes between 3-5 days. (*the post office states it can take anywhere from 2 to 14 days). Delivery by USPS Priority Mail takes between 1-3 days. Which shipping company do you use? For retail orders we ship byThe United States Postal Service (USPS). Wholesale orders may be shipped by UPS. How long does it take before my order ships? Orders are processed and transferred to the Post Office at 4 pm Monday thru Friday. 3 pm would be the cut off point. For example, orders placed before 3 pm on any given day (except Saturday & Sunday) are typically in the mail that same day. Orders placed after 3 pm will be processed and transferred to the Post Office by 4 pm the following day. Orders place on Saturday and on Sunday will be processed and transferred to the Post Office the on Monday. Can I buy a bunch of bibs wholesale? Yes. If you are a daycare, preschool, retail store or childcare institution, please call us at 305-209-9449 for wholesale information. The buttons are hard to open/close... What can I do? If the buttons are hard to snap close, we recommend using the file on a pair of nail clippers or dull end on a pair of scissors and insert the ‘ point’ into the hole of the button and gently twist ‘right then left. This should open the hole ever so slightly, which will allow it to snap much more easily. Are all the bibs the same size? Our feature bibs come in two sizes: small (10" x 15") and large (13" x 18") Do these bibs fit a newborn? What about a toddler? These bibs are not for newborns or to soak drool from drooling babies. Our small bibs are excellent for feeding children 6 months to 2 years. For toddlers age 2 and up we recommend our large bibs. How long are these bibs from the neck to the bottom? Small bibs are 8.75” from the neck to the bottom. Large bibs are 11.5” from the neck to the bottom. Do these bibs have a fabric backing, with waterproof coating on front? The front is 100% polyester. The back is a waterproof layer of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). Do they distort when put through the washing machine? These bibs wash well. Customer’s love the fact that they hardly wrinkle and remain looking like new even after going through the washer and dryer. Is there a pocket on these bibs? At this time our bibs do not come with pockets. Please check back with us in the near future. Are these bibs PVC-free? Yes! PVC-free, BPA-free, Phthalate-free, Latex-free. 100% safe for babies! What is the size of the neck? Do you have any measurements? The small bibs have a neck size with a diameter of about 3.25” which means it measures about 10.2” around. The LARGE bibs have a slightly larger neck area which is about 11” around. What material is this made out of other than the waterproof liner? These bibs are made of 100% polyester and laminated with a waterproof liner. Are these bibs really made in the USA? Yes! These bibs are sewn in the United States and the fabrics are made in the USA as well. Where exactly are these bibs made? We bring together people and businesses from about 5 different states to make these bibs. Our company is located in Miami, Florida.